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Luxury Retirement Living



Marston Living Galston is setting the new standard in luxury affordable retirement living, offering residents an opportunity to escape their worries and focus on their passions.

Nestled within the heart of a thriving rural residential precinct and within walking distance of the well-serviced Galston Village, Marston Living Galston uniquely offers modern elegance against a pastoral backdrop.


Homes at Marston Living Galston offer the newest innovations in modern design including bright, spacious open spaces, sharp lines, and a sense of flow between living spaces. With villas over 150 m2 in the internal area, you are moving into the most spacious home in the market.


The centre of the village is the Community Centre where you can meet new people and develop new friendships. Residents can share this experience with friends and family who are welcome to enjoy all the village facilities including a recreation hall, function room, communal dining room and kitchen, outdoor barbeque area and visiting hairdresser and doctor suite.


For the active individuals, there is also an indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a cinema plus craft rooms and even a workshop.


Exclusive Resident Lounge

Hydrotherapy Pool


Yoga & Excercise Studio

Hair Salon

Medical Consultation Room

Snooker Billiard

Electric Vehicle Charging




sauna (1)


Solar Power

FAQ About Retirement Living Galston

Living in a retirement community has several benefits, including:

    • Frees you up from the responsibilities of caring for a bigger house;
    • Being surrounded by a group of people who share your interests and with whom you may develop meaningful connections;
    • Devoted employees available to help you whenever you need it, day or night, seven days a week;
    • Free to get away knowing that everything will remain exactly as you left it when you return;
    • Being able to release a significant amount of equity when you sell;
    • Resort-style amenities and services.

No, stamp duty is not required. One of the main benefits of downsizing to a retirement community over other residences is that you don’t need to pay stamp duty.

It is crucial that the operator keep the title to the village since the inhabitants depend on him or her for continuous upkeep and services. This guarantees that the operator will constantly interact with the community to address their requirements and keep the village in top shape.

While occupants are listed as “Registered Interest Holders” on the title of their property, you will still be able to take advantage of many of the same privileges as under a freehold title. You are free to choose your own selling agent and establish a reasonable market sale price.

Apart from the sale price (also known as the ingoing fee), you will need to pay a recurring service fee as well as an exit fee (also known as a deferred management fee).

The service charge pays for the upkeep of the common spaces, structures, gardens, property and general liability insurance, council rates. This charge just covers the expenses of running the retirement village.

Surpluses are either repaid to residents or carried over to subsequent periods at the discretion of the Residents’ Committee. Any deficiencies are covered by the operator. The Residents’ Committee may also decide to add or remove services and adjust their fees accordingly.

You are in charge of paying for your own phone, internet, gas, water, cable TV, and electricity. If you decide to get insurance on your home and its belongings, you are also accountable for the content insurance.

When you leave the community and sell your home, the operator will keep a share of the selling price as an exit fee. The operator may lower the entry cost and increase the affordability of retirement village living by imposing a exit fee.

Yes, you may make changes to the interior finishes of your residence. The operator must provide prior approval to ensure proposed modifications do not impact other residents and do not present a safety hazard.

The Residents’ Committee meets to talk about the budget and has the chance to express any issues or recommendations to the operator. You are also able to talk to staff members whenever you want about anything related to how the village is run.

Absolutely, the dwelling is your home, and you are free to share it anyway you choose with your loved ones. Please let the village administration know if you plan to have visitors stay for a while so they can be notified in case of an emergency.

Likewise, if you anticipate being gone for a lengthy amount of time, do let village administration know.

If you are still capable of independent living, the village manager will help to put you in touch with outside service providers to help ensure you are able to enjoy an independent lifestyle for as long as possible. These service providers include meal providers, home cleaning services and visiting medical practitioners. You will incur the cost of any outside services required.

Natural surroundings: Galston is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, including the Berowra Valley National Park and the Cattai National Park. It provides a peaceful and calming environment for residents to enjoy and connect with nature.

Proximity to shops and services: Marston Living Galston is conveniently located near shops, medical facilities, and other essential services. The Galston Village Shopping Centre is just a short drive away, providing easy access to supermarkets, banks, and other retail stores.

You retain all the capital gain on your residence but are also exposed to any capital loss. Irrespective of whether you enjoy a capital gain or incur a loss, you pay an exit fee calculated on the resale price of your residence.

Yes, we believe pets are members of the family for many pet lovers. Small pets are welcome subject to the approval of the village manager.

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