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What is retirement village?

Retirement is a new part of your life, and at Marston Living, we want you to continue to live it your way, with the space, security, and freedom to focus on the things you love. When you live in a Martson Living retirement village, you can lock up and go, knowing that your home is safe, secure and regularly maintained. This lets you travel or see family and friends without worrying about your home.


What is a retirement village?

Most of the people who live in a retirement village are over a certain age and no longer work full-time. They can choose from different types of units, services, and facilities. At Marston Living, our Galston retirement village is designed to accommodate different retirement lifestyle preferences.


Retirement village services and facilities

Marston Living’s retirement villages offer high-quality housing and assist residents to access to home care services, such as help at home, personal care, and nursing, should you ever need them.

In a retirement village, you can enjoy the company of other people. Residents can meet new people at the village club, which has a cafe and/or bar, movie rooms, libraries, and even a putting green, gym, or swimming pool. In some of our villages, there are also planned activities and trips.

In Marston Living retirement villages, gardens and common areas are taken care of for you. If a lightbulb needs to be changed or a toilet needs to be fixed, it is done quickly.

Most of our retirement villages are close to public transportation, shopping centres, hospitals, medical facilities, sports venues, and other places where people can meet and socialise.

To learn more about the lifestyle and events at Marston Living Retirement Villages, give us a call on (02)91888555, or send us an inquiry on [email protected].


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