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How will moving into a retirement village change my lifestyle?

Living in a retirement village in Sydney offers a means to unwind and have a more relaxed lifestyle. Why wouldn’t you begin that enjoyable phase as soon as possible if you can?


What is the ideal age to move into a retirement village?

The average age of moving into a retirement village in Australia is 74.

Moving to a retirement village is a very personal decision, and the ideal moment to do so depends on your own requirements and situation.

But, our experience over the years with the residents has convinced us that moving sooner gives you more time to take advantage of the active lifestyle in the retirement village.

The sooner the residents move in, the earlier they can make acquaintances and enjoy the active lifestyle and support in the retirement village.

A lot of the residents get started sooner since they don’t want to spend their retirement mowing the lawn or climbing ladders to clean gutters or downpipes.


Your outlook on retirement

Retirement village, contrary to popular misconception, offers you new options to make your life more vibrant and active. Measurable improvements in health and happiness can result from a positive perspective on ageing. Setting yourself up for a good retirement can be done by considering your transition to retired living as a positive step.

Some of our customers just relocated to Marston Living Retirement Village where they feel comfortable yet active at the same time. They’ve bought a number of homes over the years, but we instantly felt that this was the one. They can tell if they like it immediately.

“I wished we had relocated sooner, but I had this wrong impression about retirement living. Due to my husband’s health and to be nearer to our daughter, we relocated. My daughter encouraged me to visit Marston Living, and I instantly fell in love with the location and the community there” According to one of our residents.

There is no doubt that leaving your own house is a significant decision, and it may take some time to comprehend the concept. You may make the most of your retirement living alternatives, though, if you begin thinking about it before you’re well into retirement.


The benefits of transitioning to a retirement lifestyle earlier


1. Social butterflies are possible.

It doesn’t matter what kind of social creature you are; the important thing is that a retirement community fosters and supports social interaction. Also, it fosters relationships amongst like-minded residents. It helps you to communicate with others who can relate to your experiences, advice, jokes, recipes, humour, history, ideas, and problems.

“Our local acquaintances would say I’ve got a lot going on. I create art, paint in my garage, bowl with the ladies, and spend time with friends and family. ” Our customer joked.

Despite best intentions, living in your own home alone can be a bit lonely if you depend on family visits. You don’t have to wait for someone to come to you in a retirement community. Just open your door to a world of social connections.


2. You have plenty of time to work on your balance, breaststroke, and movies

Making the transition to retirement living while you are still active will allow you to fully enjoy all the recreational options available. Here is a chance to enjoy or even enhance your fitness, whether you choose dancing, pilates, running, swimming or group exercises.


3. There’s still a lot to learn

Retirement communities provide a wide range of hobbies and activities to tickle your interest if sports aren’t your thing. If you’ve always wanted to pursue art, maybe now is the time to do it. You might also start volunteering for a cause to offer you more meaning and satisfaction.

Retirement living can give you the leisure and the chance to do everything you like, whether it’s going on movie dates, wine tasting, visiting art galleries, or attending lectures.

You have the chance to accomplish activities in the community that you wouldn’t have time to do while working full-time.

You can enjoy participating in activities like painting workshops, listening to music, or a community BBQ.

It can be difficult to think of leaving your current home, but if it’s keeping you from enjoying the happiness and fulfilment you could be experiencing in your latter years, it might be time to consider moving to a retirement village.

To learn more about the lifestyle and activities at Marston Living Retirement Villages, give us a call on (02)91888555, or send us an inquiry on [email protected].


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