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Healthy Sleep Seminar

On March 10, 2023, an exclusive Healthy Sleep Seminar was held at Marston Living Galston retirement village, organized by Marston & Wenatex The Sleep System. The event featured an afternoon of informative and practical sessions on how to achieve a good night’s sleep and the importance of sleep for overall wellbeing.

The seminar began with afternoon tea for all attendees, followed by an informative and engaging presentation by Brett Jones, a senior healthy sleep consultant. He covered a variety of topics related to healthy sleep, and attendees were encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions about their sleep issues. The event provided valuable insights into sleep health.

The seminar concluded with a 30-minute village tour, during which interested guests had the opportunity to explore the Marston Living Galston retirement village facilities and its surroundings. Stage 2 villas are been constructed and available to be taken up.

Marston Living currently operates one retirement village in Beacon Hill, which is in the Northern Beaches region, and another in Galston, near Castle Hill regions. There is a new village coming to the market in Dural toward the end of 2024.

To learn more about the lifestyle and events at Marston retirement villages, please call us at (02) 91 888 555 or send us an inquiry at [email protected].


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